Friday, 11 June 2010

I love my calendar

This is really sad, but - Oooh I'm so excited.
Google calendar just sent me a reminder to go to lunch.
This is soooo brilliant. Miss Crail can descend into complete senility and not worry about anything ever again. Except those two paper diaries she is still shlepping around.
Bonfire of the vanities [maybe] next week.

Ooh you are awful

Yippee! We have our first adult content!!!
Miss Crail sincerely hopes The Panther will forgive her breaching his attempts to keep out of the limelight, but in heck-it's-Friday mood, can we point out that Ye Olde Blogge has attracted the attention of Supernanny and a warning pops up asking us if we think we librarians can cope with anything that contains the words *ss and b*tt, and has pictures of chickens.
Sorry, am I not taking this Cam23 lark seriously enough?

Oops, sorry again: As an add-on, it has been gently pointed out to Miss Crail that perhaps The Panther himself was warning us about Bottom of the Day. Personally, as it is now Friday afternoon, it is tempting to find out what ELSE is on offer, and all in the name of Cam23.

And in the spirit of all this, here's what we will be having in Crail Castle this weekend, from the much-referred-to Fanny Cradock Cookery Course.

Please don't throw Miss C off the course. Next week, we are definitely going to take this lark seriously. But then again, how CAN we, because it's Twitter!!!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Thing 6

This is almost a Damascene moment.
Ever since an embarrassing double booking almost 2 years ago, have been meaning to use Google calendar but never gotten round to it. Now, how bad is that? ... Because, again, like Doodle, it does a simple-seeming thing in a simple-seeming way. We like easy, we like clean, we like clear. Great. And there it is, on my home page!
........So WHY has it taken me so long?
Next stop, all those exciting events in Miss Crail's very wee bibliotic empirettes. Except there aren't any at the moment. But, gosh, the students are going to be dead impressed next term!

Twitter - But that's next week!!

Getting an e-mail saying someone is following one of Miss Crail's alter-egos on Twitter has prompted another Cam23 Crisis. OMG haven't tweeted for days! [Actually Miss C doesn't think 'OMG', more likely an expletive]. She may not be the worst offender, but it feels as if a sizeable part of the web is being littered, polluted even, with begun-and-though-with-the-best-intentions-quickly-abandoned Projects [major and minor]
It is great that Cam23 is making the picking up of all the loose ends imperative, but how many balls can one juggle? it all started when Miss Crail tried to set up her blog for this course [under another alter-ego] and found she already had one. When did that happen? No idea!
The Tweets? Hopefully nobody is missing out on life waiting for the next gem from Weaslette [and what a disappointment it will be]. But how is one to DO all these things?
And how is one to comply with Thumper's [slightly altered] dictum 'If you ain't got nothing to say, don't say nothing at all', especially as one has just said pretty much ... nothing at all. Am I allowed to call it 'Blogshite' or will I get into trouble for that?

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Thingy 5

Yes, well, Doodle is easy! Suspiciously so. But, nice, we like the immediate traffic-light visual clarity of the replies [So clever to have ice cream colours, which dear Gok Wan has told us are sooooo this season]. And anyway, we cannot cope with too many complications or enhancements. Some of us like to use technology up to the level of expediency and not beyond. Heavens! We have enough to cope with already.

Unfortunately Miss Crail does not attend an awful lot of meetings [thank god] and certainly doesn't need to schedule them. But we are loving the clever ways others are using the tool, who is left-handed, who is old [well, that one was naughty], and as to scheduling a date with the wife - inspired.

Now, tell me, is it considered pretentious to use Doodle to schedule lunch with mates, or even one's tea break?

Ah, Joan - all we want to be...........

Monday, 7 June 2010

Stuck on Thing 3, and nobody's on the pull

OK, the rest of the Cam23 gang is diving enthusiastically into Thing 5 [worryingly, some are blogging about mysteries such as Thing 16 and the like...] and Miss Crail is still agonising over Thing 3.
Blogging is helpful for making contacts and forming communities, right? But part of the reason for this task is to get us to consider using it for our libraries, correct?
So here's a problem. Web 2.0 is moving us away from having to accept the information pushed at us to information we choose to pull in. Ergo blog followers are interested, so fine for that community-forming thing. However, one of our major functions is to reach out to those who aren't interested / don't know what we offer / don't know we can help /etc.
I've set up blogs for both the Genetics and Plant Scis Libraries [thank goodness for those multiple e-mail addresses as I couldn't use the same one, annoyingly] but I really haven't anything much to say, same as the Facebook pages. At this time of year, what might I say? To the Part IIs - could you rummage around in your rooms before you leave and make sure you haven't got any library books to return. I could say that, but who would see it? On the other hand, I could send out a message to the generic Part II e-mail address - and they would all get it! Targeted, and none of the other dept members would be complaining about spam. Or I could put a message on the home page of their Camtools site - or get Camtools to e-mail a message. Perfect, job done. In October I might need to tell the postgrads that they can always ask me stuff if they miss the resources talk. Targeted e-mail to all postgrads, fine. Poster, badge, t-shirt - quaint but probably works. Blog - er?
Even within this Cam23 community I am having problems with the blogging concept. Another example - I would like to connect with other Cam23ers around the Downing Site area and I happen to know a couple of them, but a connection via blogs is not necessarily the easiest way. However, were I to put out a message on LIB-LIST, I bet I'd get replies almost immediately.
So I guess I am thinking at the moment is that for a big library where lots might be happening, a blog could be fine, but, for small ones, followers might have graduated and given birth a couple of times before the next bit of news.
Correct me if I'm wrong. PLEASE correct me because I'm feeling old and unwillingly Luddite. That IS off the statute books as a capital offence by the way, isn't it?
And by the way, how to schedule a meeting on Doodle when Miss Crail is Billy No Mates? Ah, I know - e-mail. Oh STOP it