Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Thing 1

Well, we like iGoogle, obviously, since when bored we can change the image behind the search box. Although very annoyingly most images seem to be random and not the right configuration for the space and to accommodate the search box. OK the middle of the image is 'lost' but can designers not cope with that?
But at Christmas you can have twinkling lights, and at Halloween all sorts of fun. iGoogle is also a necessity for that 'to do' list and for mainlining to Wikipedia, something we hypocritically tell students not to do [or use Google for that matter.....]

Anyway, I'll show you mine [boring at the moment] if you show me yours.

Well I've added a bit more stuff now, and have even reluctantly ditched Jimi [why doesn't Pete Burns get a theme?] and I like it much more now, all brooding and grey

Since we like cool and clean, and not bombardment, NetVibes offended our delicate sensibilities a little, and we quickly closed the page and went for a lie-down. Returning later, was eminently shocked to find the little bugger already has us pegged and went straight back in, having the temerity to tell us what we want [...well, fair do's, it was a demo]. But - darling, sod off, let ME decide. Attack of the vapours. Couldn't face doing a compare and contrast screenshot, because that would involve too much chopping, even with all the tags, though god knows we felt like doing a bit of chopping. PageFlakes was kinder, soothing us back to sanity, presenting a vision of order. But fear of the unknown interjected : one has stuck with iGoogle for years, why change? Naughty, lazy, not entering into the spirit of things, but true. And why does one have to CHOOSE? Can't I have both? Probably clever people can, but Miss Crail is a 'click on this button and it will work' kind of person. But to illustrate how dopey Miss Crail is...Working in 2 departments and at home, it had never occurred to actually have just one page with tabs. I had 3! So now I have 1 and can leave messages to myself at home to bring tea bags to work on Monday &c. Gosh, the things you learn! But I have got to stop fiddling and faffing [As The Passion and The Fury so aptly puts it] with things............

At the back of the pack, as always

Gawd, I'm EXHAUSTED reading all these blogs. How does anyone except Phil Bradley find time to do all these things? Now I understand that Bing ad on the teevee. Too much information?..or too flippin' old?

Miss Crail WLTM partner

Miss Crail left the 23 Things launch party early, before a game of Postman's Knock was suggested. Thus she has no partner/s.
WLTM similarly non-techie person, preferably working geographically close to the Downing site, for meetings, mutual help and fun. Not looking for a serious relationship

Thing 3

What do I expect to get from 23 Things?
By exploring and actually using to a certain level some of the current easily available tools, I hope to decide which are most appropriate for the 2 very small libraries I work in [probably only some are]. It is sometimes helpful to be 'encouraged' to try things one otherwise thinks there isn't time to mess with.
Plus if we all sing from the same hymn sheet there might be more consistency across the libraries, and we might meet the web expectations of users better.
Lucky it's almost vacation time, though, or it would be hard to find time to do all this...
What is my experience of Web 2.0? Absolutely zilch, darling, still get told off for thumbing the HTML manual. Lead me into the garden, Maud.....

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cat's cradle already

The memory is not what it once was. In attempting to create a blog, found out I already HAD one I'd completely forgotten about. Lucky there were no followers...
Seem to have more than one Google accounts, about 10 e-mail addresses, three Facebook pages etc etc. Well, those are the ones I remember...